Reblocking & Underpinning Services In Melbourne

We proffer Re-blocking services all across the city of Melbourne. Our process of restumping encompasses the following steps:

  1. We properly check whether the under-house stumps are suffering a damage or deterioration.
  2. We cover the area in a safe manner to make sure it is secure for the landlord.
  3. We take time to replace each stump with perfection
  4. We make use of suitable materials for the stumps, depending on the house.

Also known as underpinning or re-stumping, reblocking is the process of replacing old stumps which have been pinned for over 20 years. Most of the stumps in the older homes have timber material that gets deteriorated over the years. Getting a stump specialist is an imperative step to keep your house alive.


When is Reblocking Necessary?

Security is something you should never compromise on. It is essential to carry out reblocking for a good number of reasons. Topping the list is the security of your family. A house that shakes from the base can never turn into a peaceful home.

The value of your house increases to a great extent by merely replacing the old stumps. It becomes as good as new. If you find moisture in the ground, immediately contact a specialist and get a thorough check done.


Why Should I Reblock?

If you desire to keep your house in a good and healthy condition, reblocking is what you should go for. You should reblock as soon as possible because the cost of doing it may not be the same tomorrow. Also, if today you neglect the stumps on which your house rests due to lethargy or saving money, it might damage it over the years and later on you might end up spending much more. Thus, give us a buzz and opt for reblocking right away.