Hello there! I am Fadi Dib and I have been working in the industry for the last 17 years. I have widespread experience in home renovations. I have the ability to make your home come to life while you enjoy your special moments with your family.


We carry out Reblocking & Restumping in Melbourne. Our company also performs sub-floor repairs and other home renovation services. Our services are available all across the city of Melbourne.


We provide you with quality work that is backed by an extensive experience of 17 years. During these years, we have served various satisfied clients who haven’t just come back to us but referred us to other customers as well. We promise to serve you efficiently. Give us a tinkle!

Fadi Dib

Owner and Supervisor

During the 17 hard-working years, I have been involved in unnumbered projects both big and small. I have worked on various homes and covered services such as home renovation, restumping, reblocking and sub-floors.